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About Us

Unicare Medical Transportation is a constantly growing Non-Emergency Medical Transportation company located in Riverside, CA.

Our Company is committed to being a professional transportation service specializing
in Non-Emergency Medical Transportation in California.

Together with non-emergency services, we provide student transportation, and executive transportation services.

Our goal is to help patients and individuals attend their healthcare appointments on time.
We work to provide reliable, fast, and safe services to our clients.



To meet our clients’ Non-Emergency Medical Transportation needs by offering timely, safe, convenient, and point-to-point transportation.



To guarantee that all passengers attend their healthcare appointments safely and timely. We do our best through technology, process, and most of all our compassion to assure that our passengers arrive safely and on time for their appointments.

At Unicare Medical Transportation, we provide exceptional services ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience every time you travel with us.

Our clients include seniors, adults, and patients from nursing homes, private homes, and hospitals.